Driving Appraisal

For individuals who are looking to drive after an accident/medical condition, or are looking to regain their license after disqualification, ESM School of Motoring is more than qualified to help transform you into a confident and safe driver.

DVLA Appraisal Assessment:

If you are returning to driving after a serious accident or injury, or have a medical condition which affects your driving, you will likely be asked to pass a DVLA appraisal assessment. ESM School of Motoring is often referred to by local hospitals in the area, and so has a proven track record in helping drivers pass their DVLA appraisal assessments with flying colours.

For older drivers, we can also advise on your driving skills and offer an honest, professional opinion. It is up to your GP whether you are fit to drive, but our assessments can help reassure that you’re a capable driver and offer advice on how to proceed if not.

ESM School of Motoring is referred by Disability Driving Instructors.