Thank you for getting me through my driving assessment today.

As you know after driving for over 60 years driving I had to accept that using foot pedals was no longer tenable so need to convert to hand controls. With your patience and help I was able to make the transition and now feel confident to start driving again (after my car has been modified of course).

What surprised me was that it was not simply using a hand instead of feet but the need to multi-task functions with the same hand. You are fully aware of these problems and were able to explain how to achieve this whilst building the confidence needed to progress.

Many thanks

Peter Woodward

I would like to sincerely thank Eshan for being an amazing teacher! If it wasn’t for him, I would have definitely not passed my driving exam as I was struggling to pass it for 8 years! I was born deaf and dumb, but I was blessed with three healthy beautiful daughters now I’m able to take them to school and take them to places wherever and whenever in my own car.
Also, he made me feel very comfortable in our lessons. And was very patient with me.
Again I’m truly thankful to Eshan! I will definitely refer you to my friends and family!

Pirabakaran Luxmikaran

Eshan, I really want to thank you for your patience, empathy and excellent teaching skills.
I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with you and even after so many years I had things to learn. Following spinal and heart surgery then a stroke and being unable to get out and about for a couple of years you enabled me to learn to use my left foot instead of the dead right one and adapt all I’d been doing over 45 odd years of driving. I can now drive safely in an adapted vehicle and I will regain my freedom. I passed my assessment test with QEF thanks to your ensuring I was competent and confident.
You are a great teacher and I’m so grateful that you took me on despite the difficult and lengthy journey to come to me.

I am grateful for your skills and encouragement to help me regain my independence.

Unity Slade Howard

We would highly recommend Eshan as a Driving Instructor. Eshan is endlessly calm, patient and supportive. He ensured (our Son) Adam stayed on track even after driving lessons were disrupted by Covid. Eshan was quite possibly happier than Adam when he passed his test!

Adam Jake Watem

Thank you Eshan for helping me at the most traumatic of times for me and with regards to my learning to drive in a different way because of my disability.  I was stressed at the beginning but, through your patience, calmness and kindness, you positively encouraged me to believe in my ability to drive.  If you hadn’t been ‘you’, I probably would have given up on trying to drive, thank you Eshan.  Denise Williams, October 2021

Denise Williams

I was born with a physical disability called Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (CMT) and I am a wheel-chair user. I have learnt to drive with suitable adaptations such as Radial brake/accelerator lever with Intergraded indicator switch and Tri grip steering aid. My biggest dream and passion was to eventually drive one day and Alhamdulillah my dream has come true. Since childhood my biggest interest and passion was high performance cars. With a positive mindset I believe that my disability will not stop me from doing what I want to do and to eventually overcome challenges and barriers from what i face everyday. A big thank you to you Eshan for teaching me and making my dream come true Alhamdulillah.

I passed first time with only 3 minors and I wouldn’t be able to have done it without the support Eshan gave me. So I like to give a big shout out to Eshan and if anyone who is disable and are looking or interested in taking lessons, Eshan will give you all the support you need!

Abbas Mahmood

I am a disabled driver who has Mild Cerebral Palsy and have learnt to drive using adaptations; steering ball, and push/pull hand controls with indicators.
My 2 biggest challenges were steering and lane positioning. With Eshan’s commitment, extreme determination, and lots of practise I was able to overcome these challenges.
Through the frustration and struggle, I persevered and passed last week which was my 2nd time, with 2 minors.
Eshan’s experience is evident in his teaching style and has enabled me to drive with great confidence!
For anyone that has a disability and has a passion to drive, keep practising and persevering, one day you will pass too!

Jumaina Ali

Thank you very much Eshan. Today is really important for me, I achieved one of my goal. Which help me to be more independent, give me more freedom and accessing to society more. Without your help, patience with me and all your support I would not achieved life changing goal. Thank you very much. I am appreciated.

Omer Ramadan

Eshan, I cannot thank you enough.

Unfortunately silver and gold I have none but I owe you and Billy prayers for God to keep you safe in all you do.

Thank you for changing my life. You are not just a driving instructor, but also a mentor, adviser and a blessing to those who were lucky to come your way. God bless you and keep you in good health, shield you away from unforeseen circumstances and keep your family today for you now and always in His mighty name amen.

I appreciate all you have done for me and Billy is a blessing to you, Eshan. May God wrap His hands upon you and family all the days of your life, amen.


I am a disabled driver and wheelchair dependent so I use a specially adapted vehicle. My car has very specialised functions, so learning to drive at first was quite daunting.

When you are learning to drive it is important that your instructor is someone that you can get along with. I knew the first time that I met Eshan that this was the case.

Eshan is everything that a driving instructor should be. He is a patient, kind and understanding person. He is also calm and reassuring, giving me the confidence that sometimes I needed.

I would recommend Eshan to anyone who is thinking of learning to drive, whether they are an able or disabled person.

Anthony Myers

Before I was lucky enough to find ESM, I made the mistake of starting my lessons elsewhere.

I was very unhappy with my previous instructor and was close to giving up learning to drive altogether, when my brother encouraged me to give ESM a try. I am so glad I took his advice!

When I first met Eshan, I was struck by how calm and supportive he is. He is an excellent driving instructor with many years experience who places much emphasis on teaching his pupils to drive confidently and safely in the real world once they have passed their test. He is particularly adept at teaching the disabled, and in my experience is able to work around most limitations with ease.

I am not a natural driver, but with Eshan’s constant support and infinite patience, I passed my test on 12th March 2020.

I am more than happy to recommend ESM wholeheartedly to anyone thinking of learning to drive.

Joanna King

I wanted to say a big big thanks! And let you know that you’re doing a really good job. It’s really great, easy, safe and very calm to do lessons with you.
Your calmness, patience with knowledge and practice which you have is something.
I’m very glad as I decided to learn with you and improve all my knowledge about driving and what is connected with it.

Thank you very much instructor!

Andrei Cibotaru

I just want say a massive thank you to Eshan, I really enjoyed learning to drive with Eshan. He is a patient, caring person and delivers his lessons in a way that is clear and well-paced. It is clear that he wants the best for all his pupils and this is evident from the very first lesson. My father was also taught by Eshan last year, and he also passed first time! I highly recommend esmschoolofmotoring to anyone who really wants to learn how to drive the correct way, he is full of knowledge and has great passion for his job. Eshan will make you feel comfortable, at ease. During every lesson, I felt more confident and learnt something new. Thank you for believing in me I now feel confident and ready to take on the road 🙂 Godbless you abundantly!

Sheneeka Neil

Thank you so much Eshan for helping me pass my driving test and for pushing me to keep going forward and practice till I am better, thanks to him I have passed my driving test and I am now a more confident driver thanks to him.

Amitul Hoque

I want to say a big thank you to Eshan, for having the patience, the kindness and for teaching me everything I needed to know about being safe on the road. Due to my accident, I had suffered a brain injury and a fractured leg(right) which made it harder for me to multi task especially when driving and taking in a lot of information at once, but, Eshan has helped me conquer all of my fears. He never gave up, always told me that I would pass, which I have achieved.

Passed first time 🙂

Rene Brown