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Thank you for getting me through my driving assessment today. As you know after driving for over 60 years driving I had to accept that using foot pedals was no longer tenable so need to convert to hand controls. With your patience and help I was able to make the transition and now feel confident … Continue reading Peter Woodward

Peter Woodward

I would like to sincerely thank Eshan for being an amazing teacher! If it wasn’t for him, I would have definitely not passed my driving exam as I was struggling to pass it for 8 years! I was born deaf and dumb, but I was blessed with three healthy beautiful daughters now I’m able to … Continue reading Pirabakaran Luxmikaran

Pirabakaran Luxmikaran

Eshan, I really want to thank you for your patience, empathy and excellent teaching skills.I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with you and even after so many years I had things to learn. Following spinal and heart surgery then a stroke and being unable to get out and about for a couple of years you enabled … Continue reading Unity Slade Howard

Unity Slade Howard

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