Before I was lucky enough to find ESM, I made the mistake of starting my lessons elsewhere.

I was very unhappy with my previous instructor and was close to giving up learning to drive altogether, when my brother encouraged me to give ESM a try. I am so glad I took his advice!

When I first met Eshan, I was struck by how calm and supportive he is. He is an excellent driving instructor with many years experience who places much emphasis on teaching his pupils to drive confidently and safely in the real world once they have passed their test. He is particularly adept at teaching the disabled, and in my experience is able to work around most limitations with ease.

I am not a natural driver, but with Eshan’s constant support and infinite patience, I passed my test on 12th March 2020.

I am more than happy to recommend ESM wholeheartedly to anyone thinking of learning to drive.

― Joanna King