Eshan was recommended to me by two friends who had taken driving lessons with him. I was a complete beginner and didn’t find it at all easy to start with, but Eshan was very patient and got me improving bit by bit. After a while I started to enjoy it and began to improve my driving skills get more confident. Eshan is always very pleasant and helpful, and because he is an experienced instructor, he understands that it is a good idea to introduce new aspects gradually and in bite-size chunks. This means that he makes sure I am driving on roads and in traffic where I can cope with what I have to do and what is going on around me. I have been learning for 2 years now and have improved enough to be starting to get ready to take the test soon. I would definitely recommend Eshan to anyone who wants to learn to drive – I think he is a very good teacher, and he puts a lot of emphasis on learning to drive safely and anticipating what the rest of the traffic is likely to do, so that I can take action accordingly if necessary.

― Sarah Parker