My name is Tom and I’ve a disability on my left arm, which means I use one arm for driving.

I’ve recently passed my practical test and Eshan was my driving instructor. From the moment I met Eshan, I knew that I’ve met the right instructor. He was polite, friendly and very patient. As an individual, I like to know where I stand in everything that I do and Eshan proved to be right instructor for this. He always provided an analytical assessment of my driving – i.e. where I’ve made improvements, things I need to improve on and the level of my driving with regards to test standard. This put my mind at ease and helped me to focus on correcting the errors I was making.

 Eshan was always there to offer words of encouragement when I’m feeling down because of a mistake that I’ve made. He’s a very good motivational driving instructor and does so in a way that isn’t patronising at all. I’m very glad and thankful that I had him as my instructor and I’m satisfied that he would be the ideal instructor for any learner driver.

Thanks Eshan for all your help and good luck with all your future endeavours.

― Thomas Amara