I am a sufferer of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and started taking driving lessons with Eshan in 2007.

Due to personal reasons I took a break from driving but then started again with him in 2012.

He is the most caring and professional driving instructor I know and kept me focused and self motivated throughout.

With his help and determination I am pleased to say that I passed my test in 2017. I honestly cannot thank him enough and wish him all the best.

Shamsul Rashid

After experiencing very poor guidance from my previous instructor and not passing my test I had absolutely no enthusiasm or confidence left when it came to the task of learning how to drive.

I was then recommended to meet with Eshan and attempt to start learning again.

After my first meeting I already felt more confident with moving forward after hearing Eshan’s encouraging and reassuring advice.

He is an excellent teacher with exceptional teaching skills of the highest standard.

Eshan is extremely professional and with his effective instruction and incredible patience I was able to overcome my bad nerves and become a safe and confident driver.

I could not praise or thank Eshan enough and would highly recommend learning to drive and passing your test with him.

Lucy Coffer

I have Hemiplegia and without Eshan it would of been much more difficult to pass my driving test.

He is a very patient driving instructor, focusing on individual weaknesses of your driving in different lessons.

Eshan is very good at explaining and adapting your driving to cater to your disability.

Christian Stylianou

Last Friday, 22nd November, I passed my practical driving test at the first attempt. My driving instructor was Eshan.

I am a disabled driver and wheelchair dependent so I use a specially adapted vehicle. My car has very specialised functions, so learning to drive at first was quite daunting.

When you are learning to drive it is important that your instructor is someone that you can get along with. I knew the first time that I met Eshan that this was the case.

Eshan is everything that a driving instructor should be. He is a patient, kind and understanding person. He is also calm and reassuring, giving me the confidence that sometimes I needed.

I would recommend Eshan to anyone who is thinking of learning to drive, whether they be an able or disabled person.

Anthony Meyer
Thanks to your tuition and patience I am now able to take my disabled sister out in the car.

It has given me and Joyce great independence and we no longer have to rely upon friends and family to transport us.

I started to learn to drive later in life and I would like to thank Eshan for his patience and skill in teaching me.

Eshan is very calm and has got a lot of patience. I would recommend him to all my friends and family!

Tony Curtis

Eshan is a brilliant, fantastic, inspiring driver instructor.

He works with many people who got disabilities and also work with hearing people and elders.

I really appreciate him working with me because he made me push and to build up my confidence in driving.

Daniel Samuels

I thoroughly enjoyed my time being mentored by Eshan.

He has taught me how to be a safe, responsible driver and helped me pass my test first time with two minors.

His approach is driven by common sense, always constructive and always encouraging.

I’ve gained confidence in my ability to drive in many different conditions and will always apply the fundamentals I’ve learned.

Thank you Eshan!

Jamil Ahmad

Wednesday 16 of July my dream came true. My name is Eda, I’m 32 years old , I’m disabled suffering since birth with Spina Bifida. I never thought I would be able to drive and be independent. I always used to rely on my husband and taxi.

Then through Queen Elizabeth Foundation I find my driving instructor.

The first moment that I meet Eshan I believed on him. What can I say about Eshan? The words will not describe how wonderful he is.

He’s very patient and caring. The way he talk to me and explain was very calm and built up my confidence, made me motivated and fight for my dreams. Even though as a learner I done so many mistakes he made me learn from them and carry on forward. His dedication towards me was unbelievable.

He’s not only an instructor for me, he’s a friend and I will always remember him as the man that fulfil my dream and made me a very confident driver and, what is more important, to be safe on the road.

I would recommend him to all my friends and to all of you that are reading this.

Thank you, Eshan, from the bottom of my heart, and may God bless you.

Eda Berisha

I passed my dream driving practical test by the care of Eshan who is really cordial, sincere and friendly since first day of my lesson.

I found him very patient and aware of my driving during taking every lesson. He explained everything nice and clearly that’s helpful for everyone for better driving.

I recommend him to all.

M Hossain


With the support, and being properly taught by ESHAN, I passed at the first attempt. I was so happy.

He’s like a dad, uncle, brother, and the best instructor you could ever wish for. Please do not hesitate to patronise him, because ESHAN is the man.

Adekunle Adedeji-Subair

I had a stroke at an early age, and grew up with a disability in my hand, leading to questions like “Will I be able to drive? If so, how?”

I didn’t know who to go to but I’m so thankful I found Eshan.

He is very kind and always wants the best for his students. With practice and training he has taught me the best way to be safe on the road even with my condition. He has a passion for what he does and treats everyone equally with or without disability.

He taught me so well I passed first time which made me feel so happy!

I would recommend Eshan to anyone looking to pass first time

Elijah Prayed

What can I say about Eshan… he is a very calm, placid & funny guy who puts you at ease… his dedication to help you get to the driving test standard is very rewarding…  I passed first time… believe in Eshan… as he believes in your abilities to become the best driver you can be… as well as treating you the same as everyone else despite having disabilities… which is nice !!

Thoroughly recommended… Thank You again Eshan !!!!

* quick update… I am now doing my Pass Plus with Eshan too.

Brian Martin

My name is Sarah Brown. I run Chews dog training school in Chingford.
I decided to see if it was possible to drive as a disabled person at
the tender age of 40. Motability put me in touch with the Queen
Elizabeth Foundation in Carshalton. After a full assessment
which determined my need for a hand-control operated car, they
recommended Eshan as a potential instructor.

I am very grateful for that recommendation. From my first lesson, Eshan
complimented my strengths, and helped me to recognise my weaknesses.
Throughout my lessons Eshan has been encouraging, knowledgeable and
very patient. I trusted him to guide me in every aspect of my driving,
including when he thought I was ready to take my test.

My nerves were getting the better of me as my test date approached –
without Eshan’s calming influence, I do not think I would have been so
calm during my test. I passed first time with only 5 minor faults and
was very proud. Even the examiner said that my standard of driving was
impressive compared to other disabled drivers in the past.

I would recommend Eshan to anyone who wishes a patient, experienced
instructor who has your future in driving at heart. Thanks to him, I
have the freedom to go out without inconveniencing friends and family
by constantly asking for lifts. I can get to hospital appointments, vet
appointments, work and holidays on my own. This is a freedom I have
never had before. My grateful thanks can only go to Eshan.

Sarah Brown

Eshan is a capable and competent driving instructor who knows how to tailor a student’s needs according to their peculiar situation.

I have driven abroad for over 20 years on right hand up until 2007 and so it was pretty difficult to re-programme my mind to begin to drive on the left side. But with the professional approach,experience and skills of Eshan, I was able to pass my driving test first time within 6 months.

Eshan will recommend you for a test only after he has boosted your confidence, skills and self esteem as he believes these are also essential qualities to make you a safe driver.

I would recommend Eshan School of Motoring to anyone who is willing to follow instructions to the letter.

Thank you Eshan

Abimbola Otitoju

I had a fantastic driving experience with Eshan.

He is always calm, patient and understanding throughout the lessons and never enables you to panic.

I found his method of teaching both theoretically and practically of the various rules and techniques of driving very simple and easy to understand yet extremely thorough and effective.

His experience in this field is what makes him different from other instructors.

Furkan Mulla